Manufacturer of plastic cards and POS-materials

Manufacturer of plastic cards and POS-materials

Design development

We accompany you, starting from the stage of creating an order and ending with the printing of cards.

Creation of a unique design of plastic cards or revision of an existing design is one of our core competencies.

We advise you on how to design your cards, as well as personalize cards based on suitable samples, taking into account the capabilities of our equipment.

Our company has its own graphics and design department, and will gladly take over the development of your card orders at an affordable price.

We have many years of experience with this specificity, there are nuances to consider because printing on PVC is more difficult than printing on paper, and therefore we know what looks good and doable. Thanks to many years of experience, we provide our clients with expert advice on color selection, logo design and design (such as selective varnish or foil stamping, for example) and the peculiarities of card printing technology.

This way you can learn more about different production methods, color effects or materials.

When your layout has passed all the stages of control and verification for printability, we can produce a test plastic card so that you can evaluate our high quality. Only when you are satisfied with the print, all important information has been taken into account and the print file is also approved, can the actual production of the main run begin.

Typically, you can estimate a delivery time of about 1-4 weeks – depending on the order volume and production method, as well as delivery.

We are happy to save your layout data on our servers so that you can change it or resume printing at any time, even years later.

If you have already ordered cards from another company in the past, but you no longer have the data to print, we can adapt the cards to the appearance of the original card as much as possible if we have your available materials (logos, fonts, photographs, screenshots, etc.).

Discover the variety of colorful high quality card products – let us advise you!


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