Manufacturer of plastic cards and POS-materials

Manufacturer of plastic cards and POS-materials

On-line and off-line loyalty program

Retail marketers realize that implementation of a well-functioning loyalty program is impossible without collecting information about their customers, researching their shopping preferences, segmenting and rewarding purchases.

Regular research of the B2C market gives us an opportunity to choose the most appropriate strategy for implementing of a loyalty program and offer a brand new technologies – mobile App EConnectID to connect with your customers and manage their loyalty.

PLAST PRINT has experienced in the production of polygraphic packaging cards and promo tags, the development of a stylish design, applying our knowledge, we will select the most appropriate and cost-effective solution for you.
With an integrated approach, you can get closer to your customers, improving service and strengthening the relationship with your brand. A loyalty system will allow you to analyze and increase demand.

By implementing the EConnectID software package, you get analytics of your customers behavior online. This data shall be used to estimate demand, push notifications, bring back missing customers and communicate with them real life time.
EConnectID is the mobile Application for Android and IOS systems, which give the opportunities to communicate with the end user.

Benefits for your business:
1) creating a virtual loyalty card for existing customers or a new ones;
2) analysis of customer activity, their interests, purchasing plans to organize the best personal offers to your customers;
3) prompt informing about promo-events, news, store openings selectively or all customers using push notifications;
4) the ability to receive a feedback from buyers, a quick response to reviews and objections;
5) Shopping on-line
6) Make payment on-line

We always take into account the needs of our partners and are ready to work on a new projects to expand your capabilities. We develop a flexible architecture of a software product with the ability to add new application functions to suit your needs.
Our key to success, as the market leaders in printing services for retail, is thoughtfulness of details to the smallest detail and high-class production implementation.


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