Manufacturer of plastic cards and POS-materials

Manufacturer of plastic cards and POS-materials

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PLAST PRINT is a manufacturing company, which activity is to print plastic cards, promo tags, price-labels and printing products, also being a reliable supplier of complete solutions for your business.

Retail marketers realize that implementation of a well-functioning loyalty program is impossible without collecting information about their customers, researching their shopping…

Every marketer knows that you can increase customer loyalty with the help of gift cards. By providing your regular customer with a discount card or certificate…

Have you ever thought about starting a plastic card printing business? With our company you can sell plastic cards without having your own production, but use our facilities.

Plastic cards and rfid chip wristbands are an effective tool for managing ID cards as they incorporate a wide range of technologies. We offer you a complete identity management…


Concepts and terms. Offset printing is the most used method in plastic card printing. It has a lot of advantages and the only significant disadvantage of offset…


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