Manufacturer of plastic cards and POS-materials

Manufacturer of plastic cards and POS-materials

Key tag (2-3 tag)

Non-standard cards always look unusual and bright, distinguish your company favorably, and attract the attention of customers. You will appreciate the advantages of promotional cards – with their unusual shape, you will benefit from their use. they provide maximum design possibilities on an additional advertising surface.

The 3-TAG or 2-TAG cards are an original addition to your standard card, while also serving as an effective marketing tool. Such cards are ideal for loyalty programs in the retail sector, because in grocery stores and supermarkets, customer traffic is very high, everyday. By simultaneously issuing the main card and the card with key fobs to the buyer, the buyer will have the opportunity to accumulate bonuses from several cards on one account.

In other areas where a lower frequency of card usage is implied, 3-TAG cards are great for attracting new customers. You can make your own individual card personalization for each mini-card (for example, a barcode or serial number) and distribute it as an independent discount or bonus card.

Keychains in the form of cards can be equipped with various functions and often have a hole with which they can be conveniently placed on the keychain. Such card can be applied with barcode, printed number, QR-code, other printed card personalization. Impossible: magnetic stripe, embossing, indent printing, scratch stripe. The standard card 85.6 x 54 mm, with the help of a special cut, divides the card into 3 key fobs, or into a card and a key fob, if we are talking about 2-TAG, therefore the limitations in personalization are associated with the small size of the key fobs 28.5 x 54 mm.

PLAST PRINT offers you an excellent opportunity to stay close to the customer and reach several times more customers without overpaying!

Small plastic cards (2-TAG and 3-TAG) can be applied to smart cards as well. Thanks to built-in microcircuits, they allow identification of the user (client) and store key necessary information, despite the non-standard size. Thus, you can use such rfid tags for keys or as a means of payment.

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