Manufacturer of plastic cards and POS-materials

Manufacturer of plastic cards and POS-materials

Gift cards

Making gift cards is an opportunity for your store or club to achieve success and establish contact with customers, a gift card performs an advertising function. The use of such cards is very effective, with a gift card you attract two new customers at once: the one who buys the card and the one who redeems it from you.

Certificates have a specific denomination that can be redeemed when shopping. They are usually used for the purchase of cosmetics, perfumes, clothing, shoes, baby products, beauty services, fitness clubs and visits to recreation sites, and orders in cafes or restaurants.

Gift plastic cards are souvenir products and place higher demands on their design and production technology. The elements embossed with gold or silver foil, the embossing of digital-letter symbols, the use of gold, silver or mother-of-pearl plastic look original.

The technical options for personalizing such certificate cards can be contact or contactless RFID chips, plastic gift cards with barcode, or magnetic stripe gift cards. In this case, it is better to choose the same technology as for regular discount cards in your store. For single use, voucher cards without technical options are usually used.

PLAST PRINT specialists have many years of experience in the production of such cards and will give advice on increasing your sales using gift cards. We know how to emotionally please your customers!


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