Manufacturer of plastic cards and POS-materials

Manufacturer of plastic cards and POS-materials


Today cards have become an integral part of fitness clubs. They are convenient to use not only for clients, but also for staff and owners of fitness clubs. The use of standard plastic cards in fitness centers has several advantages:

  • comfortable and fast service of visitors;
  • pass system;
  • convenient plastic subscription;
  • loyalty system allows you to attract new and retain regular visitors;
  • flexible tariff system.

Fitness center club cards are also an important part of the image. They can be of absolutely any design. Our company can offer transparent plastic cards, they will definitely not leave customers indifferent. Black plastic cards are no less popular, their severity and contrast attract the eye, and selective varnish will add exclusivity to the cards. For VIP clients, we can offer fitness center subscriptions on gold and silver plastic to emphasize their status. Fitness club membership cards may contain the number, name of the holder, brand names, schedule and contacts of the center, as well as other information.

To personalize fitness club passes, it is possible to apply a barcode, magnetic stripe, embossing, QR code, signature strip, printed information and even a photograph of the client. Subscriptions with an embedded EM-Marine or Mifare chip will combine admission and time tracking for classes.

The durability and wear resistance of plastic cards allows customers to use subscriptions for a long time, and to issue them to staff and owners for longer periods of use.


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