Manufacturer of plastic cards and POS-materials

Manufacturer of plastic cards and POS-materials

Packaging for POS materials

A gift certificate or POS prepaid card is a promotional card issued by a retailer and usually has a face value and special card personalization.

The plastic certificate offering gives your customers an easy solution when they need a gift and ensures that those who receive your gift card are loyal to your business and become potential repeat customers.

Add gift vouchers to your store checkouts with our attractive POS packaging!

Cardholders present your card in a simple yet effective way and grab the customer’s attention right in your store. The design of such packaging takes into account not only functionality, but also the visual finish (for example, foil stamping or selective varnish).

Also, POS packaging should have a Euro-style opening so that it is convenient to hang a plastic card. The hole can be cut individually according to your requirements. Our cardholders come in a variety of paper weights.

Non-standard die-cutting and folding options are possible.

If you are interested in actively attracting your customers by creating virtual gift or prepaid cards with the same functionality, but without making printed ones, we recommend that you look at the EConnectID section.

We would be happy to recommend the best POS packaging for your promotional cards!


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