Manufacturer of plastic cards and POS-materials

Manufacturer of plastic cards and POS-materials

Spectacular packaging

Creative branded packaging of plastic cards favorably distinguishes your company from competitors who issue standard cards to customers. Such products are relevant for almost any business, especially in the field of hotels, banks, chain stores, pharmacies, beauty salons, etc.

The purpose of making a card pack with a VIP card is to create a premium package that would emphasize the status of the client and the bonuses he receives. A business card gift card storage box is always made in the corporate style of the company, with a logo and information about the status of the card, its advantages, which makes the packaging of the card a part of the company’s reputation, a confirmation of its image. The production of effective packaging for plastic cards usually includes the production of not only a card-pack, but also information booklets, all printing during production is carried out in the same style.

We offer a wide range of products, such as individual card packs for plastic cards with a logo, original book boxes of complex shapes, exclusive items for gift certificates and much more.

Depending on your needs, we offer the following packaging options for premium business card gift cards:

  1. Card packs for club cards. It is a stylish business card material with a card pocket, looks more impressive than a classic cardboard sleeve, is suitable for discount cards, promotional cards for business, usually ordered for promotions and serves as a business packaging.
  2. Lined boxes for plastic cards – an elegant option for gift card material, for VIP cards, has a spectacular appearance, can have a different texture, be decorated using silk-screen printing, foil stamping, selective UV varnish, etc. Such a box can be made of binding cardboard covered with designer material.
  3. Author boxes for various premium cards. Order unusual gift wrapping for your plastic card using additional decorative card materials (metallized parts, ribbons, etc.).

For every client who has contacted PLAST PRINT, there is a solution that is impeccable in style, perfect in content and optimal in price!


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