Manufacturer of plastic cards and POS-materials

Manufacturer of plastic cards and POS-materials

Official Id-cards

In a business environment, an employee’s business card id allows you to easily administer the staff of your company, but it is also an employee’s business card designed for easy identification between employees and clients of the company. company id badges strengthen the image of your company and increase trust for your partners, you form the image of a responsible and professional company in cooperation.

Your employees will enjoy a sense of job prestige and belonging with personalized company id badges that act as an integral part of the uniform.

With the help of PLAST PRINT specialists, you can create a unique business card id design in accordance with the corporate identity of your company, develop a logo and other corporate marks and colors of the organization.

The method of card personalization of official ID-cards is determined depending on their purpose and the availability of means of automating employee identification.

On ordinary id cards for employees, various personal data are printed, a photograph of the owner, his last name, first name, position, department, dates of issue and expiration, special numbers and other service marks are applied.

It is possible to combine employee identification and access control using personalized business card id of employees with contactless rfid chip technology. In this way, you will manage the protection of access to your premises and / or data, confidential areas on the territory of the enterprise, using the permissions and rights you have defined. Add barcode cards key tags or QR code or coding cards with magnetic stripe, contact or contactless microchip to your badge.

If it is necessary to identify the bearer’s signature, a special panel for an employee’s signature sample can be added to the card.

When connected to a time attendance system, id cards for employees with rfid chip can be used to calculate employee working time by tracking employee attendance and hours worked.

By contacting PLAST PRINT, you will receive fast and high-quality printing of such plastic cards, in accordance with your individual needs, with a full guarantee of the confidentiality and security of your data.


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