Raw material

For the production of plastic cards, certified plastic is used that is resistant to mechanical, thermal and other influences. Printing on plastic in the production of cards is carried out only with high-quality materials of our own import, which allow you to convey the entire range of shades, brightness of colors, and covering the plastic with a protective layer of laminate (overlay) or varnish protects the plastic card from damage.

All cards are manufactured to strict specifications to ensure they are of the highest standard. Our products undergo constant quality control throughout the entire production process in accordance with our quality control policies and procedures. The cards meet the requirements of ISO / IEC 7810, ISO / IEC 7816-1.

ID-1 cards are manufactured in accordance with ISO / IEC 7810.

Each batch of raw materials entering production is accompanied by quality documents (declaration), confirming the compliance of quality and safety indicators with current regulatory documents and sanitary standards, and not having a harmful effect on human health.


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