Prepaid Cards

Gift certificates

Gift cards or gift certificates are a one-stop solution for buyers and a great opportunity for a company. Sometimes it can be difficult to choose a gift without knowing the correct size or the person’s preference. Giving money is too simple and not original. It’s easy to get out of the situation: buy a gift plastic certificate. Such a card will not make you think for a long time about the correctness of your choice, worry and get nervous. The culprit of the holiday will choose what he needs.

Such a certificate is a real universal gift that can be presented in honor of an anniversary, birthday, or any holiday.

A gift card or certificate entitles its owner to receive a service or product, for the amount of money that is stated in the certificate, and confirming the preliminary payment. Which gives the right to purchase a variety of goods, perfumes, jewelry, household appliances, clothing, etc. In addition, there are gift certificates: for the service sector, travel, education, extreme recreation, visiting elite restaurants, and much more.


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