Manufacturer of plastic cards and POS-materials

Manufacturer of plastic cards and POS-materials

Combined magnetic-chip cards

The progression of contactless smart cards over standard contact patterns is undeniable.

But the technical capabilities of trade organizations, enterprises and banking institutions do not always make it possible to completely switch to servicing contactless plastic cards.

Therefore, combined plastic cards have become widespread, in which an embedded microchip and a magnetic stripe are successfully combined.

Such a card allows its owner to successfully work with several types of reading devices, as well as use different technologies for different systems, for example, some companies can use one technology to control access and time registration, and another to pay in a cafeteria or in a vending machine. …

The peculiarity of using a magnetic stripe is that the magnetic stripe has a low level of protection against counterfeiting, and such a card is not insured against demagnetization of information on a magnetic medium, from physical damage to the surface of the magnetic tape. In this case, the microchip acts as an instrument of protection and reliability.

Hybrid cards combine different chip technologies and enable flexible and widespread use of the cards. Account information is stored on a magnetic stripe, and a contact or contactless chip serves as an electronic medium.

The list of functionality of the combo card is becoming much wider. If the customer wishes, the manufacturer will also equip the combined card with additional personalization elements.


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