Manufacturer of plastic cards and POS-materials

Manufacturer of plastic cards and POS-materials


Stoppers – will stop the eyes of buyers and draw their additional attention to a specific product. This is not just advertising, but additional communication with the buyer at the point of sale.

The main purpose of the stopper is not only to attract the attention of the buyer, but also to arouse his interest both in the advertising medium itself and in the product that he highlights and advertises. Therefore, it is very important to correctly think over all the subtleties of the marketing move when developing a design and making a stopper.

The main task of the stopper is:

  • highlight a discount, promotion or novelty,
  • increase brand or trademark awareness,
  • brightly distinguish your products from competitors.

And the main task of Plast Print, as a manufacturer, is to make high-quality products, since stoppers are placed in the sales area and they are often exposed to adverse external influences, therefore, printing on PVC is always protected by laminate and our products will serve you for a very long time.


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