Manufacturer of plastic cards and POS-materials

Manufacturer of plastic cards and POS-materials

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History of the company

The date of foundation of Plast Print is January 2004.

At the time of its creation, the company had 8 employees, and the production was located on an area of ​​no more than 40 square meters. Six months later, the production of plastic cards increased several times.

The growth in production has stimulated the acquisition of new equipment capable of producing plastic cards that meet high quality standards.

The result of this work was an increase in production volumes, an increase in the number of employees. Highly qualified specialists in the field of plastic cards production came to the company.

Plast Print company

Plast Print is a dynamically developing company operating in the market since 2004. The production of plastic cards has been our narrow specialization for many years, which allowed us to pay full attention to the manufacture of specific products, introduce new technologies, conduct a competent pricing policy, which directly influenced the increase in the circle of regular customers and attracting new customers.

Today we are expanding our capabilities

The volume of production of plastic cards is increasing annually, equipment is being modernized, new technologies are being introduced. Since the establishment of the enterprise, the production capacity of offset printing of cards has not exceeded 120 thousand cards per year.

We have an indicator of 240 thousand cards for 2005, and at the beginning of 2009, 8 million 400 thousand. Today, the volume of manufactured products continues to grow.

The growth of production, the credibility of the company primarily depends on our customers, and we value their trust.


The mission of Plast Print is to maximize customer satisfaction by providing high-quality products in the field of plastic cards and POS-products, regardless of the tasks and complexity, while using many years of experience and our own production facilities. We work with people and for people. We are going to become a large manufacturing company, having already declared our presence in our country, and also aimed at successful development in other countries.

We have in our ranks the best employees who will be able to quickly and efficiently serve a large number of orders. They are specialists in card design and effective use who are always ready to help you with this marketing tool, from developing a colorful, attractive layout to its transformation into finished products. We decided that it is very important for you to have a personal manager who will inform you at all stages of production. Therefore, an individual approach to each client is a priority principle of work for Plast Print. All our clients, after the work we have done, are satisfied with the result, which is our common success!


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