Manufacturer of plastic cards and POS-materials

Manufacturer of plastic cards and POS-materials


Every marketer knows that you can increase customer loyalty with the help of gift cards. By providing your regular customer with a discount card or certificate, you not only express your gratitude for loyalty, you stimulate him to new purchases and orders.

Such cards play an irreplaceable role in the shopping experience of modern consumers, so the question arises about the original and stylish gift wrapping, about how to present them beautifully.

When ordering packaging for gift cards from us – the status of the card will undoubtedly increase and will certainly attract the attention of your customers! The variety of materials and technologies used allows the production of packaging for cards even with minimal budgets.

In addition, such packaging indicates the value and uniqueness, the high quality of your gift card, and in addition to performing a protective function for the magnetic stripe or card chip from external influences, it also provides additional information about the card and its use, which does not fit on the card itself. map.

The card packaging uses the right materials and different finishes. We offer custom-made printing and die-cutting from coated paper or designer cardboard in different colors and textures to choose from. Modern technologies allow the use of foil stamping, hot stamping, selective UV varnish and more. With our capabilities, your cards can look luxurious and presentable!

Before ordering packaging for cards, you should think about your target audience and develop a design that will be adequately perceived by your customers. Perhaps the packaging should be designed in a corporate style, in accordance with the colors and materials specified in the brand book? Is it appropriate to use with the card a colorful booklet or brochure that will be handed out with the gift card packaging?

With our approach to work, not only gift cards (the word gift card plastic), but also your ambitious marketing project for the loyalty program can also become worthy of attention for your consumers.


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