Manufacturer of plastic cards and POS-materials

Manufacturer of plastic cards and POS-materials

Mini cards

3-TAG and 2-TAG cards – key chains, mini cards.

Due to their unusual small size, mini-cards are successfully used for the production of accompanying cards: advertising key rings, business cards, insurance and discount cards, etc.

It is worth noting the benefits of producing this type of card in addition to the main discount card. A client who has received a 3 TAG card bundled with a basic card can give mini-cards to his family members or acquaintances, and increase the percentage of savings on purchases or services. And if the barcode on all cards in the set is identical, then the accumulation is carried out to the general bonus account. Of course, having a mini-card is more convenient for everyone than passing one large card from hand to hand.

The trading network, due to the distribution of mini-cards, increases the number of loyal customers, therefore, increases profits.

For the production of mini-cards, a standard plastic blank 85.6 * 54 mm is used. One blank is enough to produce three or two TAG cards with rounded corners and a hole.

It is possible both to make separate cards, and not completely cut, with special grooves for more convenient breaking.

The cost of producing mini-cards, as a rule, depends on the circulation, type of offset printing on plastic, digital) and the need to apply personal data.

Plast Print company undertakes to make cheap plastic cards to order according to your layout 3 TAG and 2 TAG cards – key chains, mini cards, as well as products with an individual shape, under the order. To meet your needs, we can manufacture any shape you are looking for. We will order the appropriate cutting die to fulfill your wishes and receive a customized custom size or die cut card.

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