Manufacturer of plastic cards and POS-materials

Manufacturer of plastic cards and POS-materials

RFID Chip Cards

Contactless plastic cards are PVC laminated plastic cards that are equipped with an rfid chip frequency antenna (RFID) inside.

RFID cards are part of the RFID system, which consists of rfid tags, readers and software. Unlike a chip card with a contact chip, these cards do not need to be inserted into the reader, rfid identification of an object is made using a unique digital rfid codes stored in the memory of a special chip (rfid chip) and emitted in the radio wave range and using an antenna that transmits a signal reader. Therefore, rfid codes in the database can be read or written the necessary information.

Compared to the currently widespread identification methods using barcode codes or information on a magnetic stripe, RFID systems have a number of important advantages: there is no mechanical wear during reading, there are no replaceable batteries, a high speed of information exchange between rfid tags and a reader, high reliability of information storage (identification rfid codes in the card chip are resistant to dirt, moisture and external fields).

We offer the following types of chip cards:

  • card mifare;
  • Em-marine card;
  • Atmel / Temic card.


Mifare chips are most commonly used in parking lots, entertainment establishments, hotels to provide access to a hotel room, and as passes in highly secure access control systems. RFID chip cards are suitable for contactless payment. At the moment, such common subtypes are available for order as mifare ev1 Ultralight, mifare 1k cards, mifare 4k, which differ in memory size and security.

Em-marine is usually used as passes in employee time tracking systems, as well as a discount card in loyalty programs. Information about the number of bonuses and the amount of discounts is stored on the card itself, so you can identify your buyer very quickly. Also, you will appreciate the convenience and speed of entry control for holders of club cards when registering at the gym.

Atmel / Temic contactless chip plastic card operates at 125 KHz rfid chip frequency. Analogue of cards with Em-marine chip, but with the ability to rewrite information. It is used, for example, when several identical blanks (duplicates) are required for one object.

In order to determine the type of rfid cards, you need to check which readers it works with. At the same time, between the rfid tags and the RFID reader, depending on the rfid identification technology, the reading distance is from 1 cm to 300 meters (systems operating at a distance of 5 to 300 meters are referred to as long-range identification systems, range, up to 20 cm – short-range identification systems).

You can order the production of rfid tags on an individual project from us, with high quality full-color double-sided graphic design.


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