Manufacturer of plastic cards and POS-materials

Manufacturer of plastic cards and POS-materials

Custom shaped cards

The use of non-standard curly plastic cards opens up new opportunities for an advertising campaign, because is a good way to stand out from competitors, make the project more memorable for your clients, emphasize its status. PLAST PRINT managers are ready to offer you an accurate calculation and production of products according to your individual requirements.

Advantages of individually shaped plastic cards:

  1. creativity, limited only by the designer’s vision of the concept and the purpose of the card. We can offer ideas such as rounding at a different angle, curly edges, in the form of geometric shapes, various holes;
  2. manufacturability, because the same card materials are used on figure cards as are used in the production of standard cards;
  3. functionality – some types of card personalization can be applied to a non-standard card, as to a regular one: magnetic stripe, numbering, bar codes, QR codes, ID data, use contactless RFID cards. Custom cut cards can be either glossy or matte;
  4. the durability of card plastic compared to traditional cardboard or paper. Such material is resistant to abrasion and will last much longer.


When you realize that your aesthetic needs are not met by standard solutions, custom-shaped cards are sure to attract attention with their individuality and originality.

When ordering such plastic cards, you need to take into account that production is advisable for large editions of cards, since for small ones, original cutting is a very labor-intensive and expensive process, and the price for the first edition includes the cost of making an individual stamp. To meet your needs, we have developed several forms of non-standard cutting for plastic cards to fulfill your wishes.

Personalize your promotional cards and make them a great marketing tool!

Have questions? The specialists of our company will advise you and suggest the most affordable solution to your needs!


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