Manufacturer of plastic cards and POS-materials

Manufacturer of plastic cards and POS-materials

Promo tags

Stoppers — will stop the eyes of buyers and draw their additional attention to a specific product. This is not just advertising, but additional communication with the buyer…

There are always price tags and will be on the shelf of the trading floor. The buyer always pays attention there when choosing the right product, so they are the most unobtrusive…

Advertising wobblers — advertising media of various forms on a flexible leg. The wobbler attracts the attention of potential buyers when swaying from a small breeze that occurs…

SHELFTALKER is an advertising product that is placed at the end of a sales shelf and is a small strip with a motivating image and text (a plastic sheet folded in half).

Neckhanger — plastic «tie» on the neck of the bottle. It draws attention to the product, focuses on a new product or a discount, stimulates the choice of a certain brand…

Strip holder is a marketing tool that promotes and sells goods in the checkout area of ​​stores. Strip holder is generally short-lived and is used one-time at the time of trade marketing campaigns…


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