Manufacturer of plastic cards and POS-materials

Manufacturer of plastic cards and POS-materials

RFID irregular shape

In addition to plastic cards with rfid chips, PLAST PRINT manufactures rfid tags of non-standard shapes and special sizes from heavy-duty plastic, which are reliable and durable in use, without losing their functionality.

The scope of use of rfid tags depends on their design, as well as on the material to be attached to the identified object.

Disc form (coin) is the most common variant of the transponder rfid. The body of the device is made of special plastic, inside of which there are batteries and working microcircuits, usually of small diameter. A mounting hole can be located in the center of the disc.

In conditions where increased mechanical strength is required, it is possible to manufacture a plastic housing for the rfid transponder in the form of a rectangle.

Specialized rfid tags on metal surfaces can be used in medicine, industry and logistics to identify and label products. The advantages of such rfid tags are tightness, high temperature resistance, and a degree of read range.

If it is possible to place a chip and an antenna inside, then PLAST PRINT can produce rfid cards in various sizes and shapes according to your production requirements. It is possible to print logos, text, numbers, rfid barcodes and QR codes on non-standard rfid tags.

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