Strip holder

Strip holder is a marketing tool that promotes and sells goods in the checkout area of ​​stores. Strip holder is generally short-lived and is used one-time at the time of trade marketing campaigns, or until the sale of the product. This is a long plastic tape with hooks on which goods are hung (for example, packs of seeds, snacks, chips, nuts, and other products), or pockets where small products can be put.

The thickness, length, number of hooks is determined individually, based on the needs and wishes of the customer, as well as the technical characteristics of the manufactured products themselves, which are influenced by the weight or dimensions of the advertised products. We often use PVC material with a thickness of 0.3-0.5mm. We seal the strip topper in the corporate style: the logo of the company or product, or a call to action if this POS material is aimed at supporting the promo. The application of a topper on a tape can be of several types: direct printing on plastic or a printed sticker (self-adhesive film or paper). Strip-holders are usually vertical.

By ordering strip tapes from Plast Print, you will receive a high-quality product, within a certain time frame and at the most affordable price, which will help in promoting your advertised products and make your goods noticeable at any checkout.


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