Manufacturer of plastic cards and POS-materials

Manufacturer of plastic cards and POS-materials

Gift Vouchers

Vouchers are becoming more and more popular in retail. These prepaid cards are ideal for any industry and provide a unique consumer experience for the customer.

Vouchers in the form of plastic cards are usually beautifully designed, durable and can be easily integrated into your customer loyalty system. Vouchers are often a convenient, prompt and secure way to replenish or activate an account, make an express payment for any prepaid services.

When producing vouchers, PLAST PRINT guarantees a high level of product quality, as well as ensures security and confidentiality when applying information.

PLAST PRINT equipment allows the use of various technologies in the production of plastic cards. For example, the application of individual identification numbers in digital form and in the form of a barcode (plastic gift cards with barcode), activation date, serial codes, or printing on cards with a contact chip. Additional security elements can be a signature strip, a selective varnish, a hologram, as well as an erasable scratch-panel applied to the card surface with a special paint.

The control over the personalization of vouchers according to the provided database is ensured not only due to the modern equipment of the PLAST PRINT company, but also due to the effective organization of business processes, understanding of responsibility by all employees.

Depending on your goals, we offer packaging of vouchers in polypropylene units, tape packaging with perforation, as well as envelopes made of paper or design cardboard.


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