Manufacturer of plastic cards and POS-materials

Manufacturer of plastic cards and POS-materials

RFID Wristbands

RFID chips, with their countless possibilities, have become indispensable in our daily life. RFID wristbands are popular in many industries where security verification is required: rfid identification and personnel tracking, access control and visitor management in fitness centers, attractions, concerts, and are also widely used in medicine, logistics and hospitality. They can be used in customer loyalty systems (for example, to accumulate bonus points).

The functionality of RFID wristbands allows them to be used as a universal electronic key and wallet. Non-contact wristbands are quite reliable and have a number of advantages, such as ease of use, high level of security, resistance to deformation and insensitivity to temperature fluctuations.

Special smart chips are built into the RFID bracelet, which does not require additional maintenance, since it does not require a battery for its operation and provides fast data transmission, the ability to read / transmit data at a distance. The mechanism consists of an antenna, a microcontroller and a receiver. Its main purpose is to store and transmit the programmed unique rfid codes.

RFID wristbands differ in working rfid chip frequency and memory type. Bracelets can be low frequency and high frequency. The microchip placed in the wristband holds much more data than the rfid barcode, RFID wristbands can be rewritten many times.

The bracelets are available in various colors and sizes. Bracelets with print are also available. Cases of bracelets are made of high quality plastic, lightweight, durable and waterproof, which makes it possible to use them for a long time in any conditions. In addition to plastic, bracelets are made of vinyl, silicone and nylon, they can be disposable – paper and fabric.

RFID bracelets are a complete and convenient replacement for the usual proximity card, because it is convenient, modern and practical!

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