Manufacturer of plastic cards and POS-materials

Manufacturer of plastic cards and POS-materials

ID-cards Printing

The plastic id card replaces the outdated paper id cards for employees and enables the automation of the enterprise access system. Student cards and library cards look better in the form of a plastic card. They are issued for employees of offices, shops, restaurants, are used when working with clients, as well as for students, members of clubs, members of various organizations.

Stylish design and use of corporate colors make a plastic card a source of pride and involvement of its owner.

The role of passes with card personalization can be performed by ID-cards with a photo and personal information about the cardholder.

The advantage of such cards is ease of use, the ability to store information about their owner and protection against counterfeiting, as well as quick restart in case of loss.

PLAST PRINT can offer you complete ID card systems: inexpensive printing kits for cheap id card printing for club members, sophisticated ID card systems and high security rfid chip for employees or guest passes.


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