Student Id-card

A student card is an important document of any student that is used to identify a student, gain access to food on campus, give the right to use the library of an educational institution, possibly to receive benefits when paying for public transport. A plastic id card usually gives students a discount on a variety of recreational activities.

Unlike paper IDs, plastic student ID cards are more durable, convenient and much less likely to be counterfeit, often in the form of a plastic id card containing a contactless electronic medium.

On the surface of such a certificate are applied: graphic personalization, personal data of the student, marks on the date of issue and validity, the form of training and other marks of a service nature. All information is protected by a plastic card with chip, with which you can prevent unwanted visitors from entering your educational institution.

Order the required number of copies in accordance with the number of students, and we will print your IDs with high quality and on time!


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