Manufacturer of plastic cards and POS-materials

Manufacturer of plastic cards and POS-materials

NFC tags

Near Field Communication (NFC) refers to Radio Frequency Identification (RFID), a short-range wireless data transmission technology that enables communication between devices that are about 10 centimeters away. It is based on a mechanism for radio frequency data exchange stored in so-called transponders or tags, which is based on the ISO / IEC 18092 NFC IP-1, JIS X 6319-4 and ISO / IEC 14443 standards for contactless smart cards.

NFC tags are miniature stickers that allow a smartphone equipped with an NFC chip to execute a specific command when approached. NFC tags are considered “passive” devices, which means that they operate without power, have an optimized antenna, and must fall within a certain range to activate. Tags cannot transmit data on their own, they are used to transfer information to an “active” device – for example, a smartphone, which allows you to write and read data. Therefore, NFC only works within a few centimeters, rather than meters, unlike Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, but provides excellent radio transmission and performance.

The main advantage of NFC over other wireless technologies is its low cost and application in a wide range of tasks, such as integrating loyalty cards into a mobile application that allows contactless payments using NFC.
Imagine how many additional opportunities will open to you, as a seller, and to your buyer, if the ordering process is simplified so much that discounts on a loyalty card will be taken into account right at the time of payment, with one touch of a smartphone bonus points will be credited to the card or they will pay for the purchase!

You, as a manufacturer and retailer, benefit from the introduction of NFC-based loyalty cards because you will be able to more accurately monitor customer activity, the process of accruing or writing off bonuses will be faster, which will reduce the time spent on servicing sales personnel and increase sales.

The most important advantage is data transfer using NFC, which is more reliable than barcode scanning. You can use different methods of protecting your product, such as holographic stickers, QR codes, barcodes, but it is better if you install NFC tags on the packaging or products to confirm the originality of the product, which the consumer can read and display, if available. smartphone of the corresponding application. You can protect your products from counterfeiting by placing just a link to the manufacturer’s website, catalog number, history, etc. This is especially common in pharmacology, elite wines, the production of expensive brands of clothing, shoes and bags. In PLAST PRINT, standard white NFC tags are available to order, as well as with printing and additional personalization. Such a label can easily become an advertising product, if you have your logo on it.

NFC can also provide secure logical access not only to tamper-proof electronic data, but also to physical paper files. Using NFC to control access to computers, tablets, and other devices is a convenient and secure way to protect your data.

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