Manufacturer of plastic cards and POS-materials

Manufacturer of plastic cards and POS-materials

Chip cards

Plast Print offers all possible options for plastic card with chip.

Chip cards are plastic cards with a built-in memory chip. Cards are available with or without printing. We offer printing of chip cards in all possible variations, cards with the same design, photo, and other data. It is also possible to personalize chip cards.

Contactless chip smart cards, as their name implies, do not require contact with the reader during use. They do not need to lean against anything, insert and inject anywhere. Thus, the contactless card is much less subject to wear and tear, it is always with you, which ensures a high level of information security and your personal hygiene.

To read information, it is enough to bring the card to the reader at a distance of about 3-10 cm. In addition to the obvious strengths, contactless cards also have an almost unlimited resource of use.

The convenience of using a contactless smart card cannot be overemphasized.

Where contactless smart cards are used:

  • Access control.
  • Passes.
  • Electronic keys.
  • Bank payments.
  • Transport cards.
  • Cardholder identification.
  • Student cards.

Advantages of a contactless smart card:

  • Reliability.
  • Maximum service life/
  • The ability to make changes to records a large number of times, including a complete replacement of existing information.
  • Application of one card for different purposes, thanks to the overwrite function.
  • High-speed data processing by a card reader.
  • Longer period of information storage.
  • High level of protection against illegal copying and counterfeiting.

The increased level of protection of a contactless smart card does not at all exclude the possibility of equipping it with additional personalization tools. This can be a magnetic stripe, a barcode, a strip for making entries, applying the identification data of the holder. It is especially worth noting the resistance of contactless smart cards to adverse weather conditions: they function equally flawlessly both in hot conditions (up to + 85 ° С) and in cold winters (up to -20 ° С).

There are many types of chip card production in our company:

  • white chip card (for self-printing);
  • stamped chip card (freely selectable designs including company logo, barcode, QR code, signature field and more);
  • chip card with security features (hologram, embossing, microprinting, barcodes and much more);
  • a chip card with personalization (name, photo, date of birth, number, etc.).

Contact smart cards are a memory card, which is a plastic card with a built-in smart chip. These cards are used to store information and as an identifier in various systems.

Memory cards are designed to store information. The memory on these types of cards is always open for reading, limited for writing information. Maps differ in the amount of memory for user data, its organization, and some functions. Examples of manufactured smart cards: SLE4442, SLE4428. They are used in loyalty systems, for access control, in social projects. Chip smart cards (class sl smart card chip) are:

  • with ISO 7816 interface;
  • with USB interface (more modern and convenient option).

To read a contact smart card, it must be brought close to the card reader (reader). Contact occurs through the contact of small convex points (usually 6-8) on the surface of the chip. This method of reading is simpler than contactless, but the wear of the card is higher in this case. Another advantage of a smart card is the increased security level, as it is very difficult to counterfeit a chip. Contact smart cards are used most often as payment cards for telephone and cellular services, in a number of bank cards, insurance and medical policies, and also as access keys.


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