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Plastic cards and rfid chip wristbands are an effective tool for managing ID cards as they incorporate a wide range of technologies. We offer you a complete identity management package from CHIP CARDS manufacturing, read rfid to EconnectID datacard software. PLAST PRINT is rfid chip manufacturers and an expert in enterprise security solutions that streamline access control processes.
Contact and contactless smart chips, bracelets, RFID cards and rfid tags have a number of advantages due to their wide range of applications, long service life, practically unlimited storage life, high degree of protection against counterfeiting and ease of use.
We have RFID solutions and we will always help you choose the technology that is optimal for you (EM Marine, Mifare chips, SLE, NFC, etc.), depending on the task at hand.

ID chip is designed to verify a person’s identity – from customer loyalty cards to official, student, guest membership and club cards.
The scope of rfid control is wide – it is the organization of identifiable access to premises, parking lots, control of access and accounting of working hours in organizations and institutions, attendance in educational institutions, smart card payment, in the hotel business as electronic keys, as well as accreditation for various events.

PLAST PRINT also provides card personalization services, which allows you to create various security functions, protect against counterfeiting.
For our customers, such as universities, government authorities and civil organizations, airports, we recommend various options for additional protection, for example, protective films, application of standard holograms or holograms with a logo, embossing, UV printing.
PLAST PRINT is also engaged in the supply of related materials (software badge, ribbons, etc.) that will facilitate your identification questions in institutions and at events.

We understand your needs and comply with your requirements securely and reliably, with the utmost respect for confidentiality.


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