Club Id-cards

Club plastic cards are a stylish and reliable way of identifying permanent members of various clubs, elite discos, bars, restaurants, etc. membership cards often confirm the owner’s right to any benefits, privileges or rights to additional services, which ensures a high degree of loyalty … Particularly popular are V.I.P. cards, which emphasize the special status of the owners and give a sense of appreciation, unity and belonging, from which there is trust and respect for the club.

Member card printing carries information about their owner – open or coded – and has a connection with the club’s base. Therefore, in the manufacture of a plastic club card, such types of card personalization as embossing, barcode card printing (for automated accounting and administration), cards with magnetic stripe and a signature strip are most often used.

The decision about which card personalization makes sense depends on the objectives, the needs of your members, and the exact goal of the club.

We know from practice about the enormous effect of such plastic cards and we are ready for your order for the production of high-quality club passes.


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