Manufacturer of plastic cards and POS-materials

Manufacturer of plastic cards and POS-materials

Standard packing

We offer you various options for standard packaging for loyalty kits with plastic cards, which, we are sure, will increase the value and uniqueness in the eyes of your customer and set it apart from similar products of your competitors.

The purpose of the individual packaging of the card is a protective function against mechanical damage and ensuring safety during storage; it also serves as an excellent design decoration.

Usually promotional cards for business are packed in a transparent bag, but more often a gift envelope or a brochure for a loyalty kit is used.

The advantage of using accompanying printing is that you can always print the information that does not fit on the card, for example, the terms of work for the loyalty program, additional information, contact details.

This can be the addresses of stores, service centers, conditions for using the card, and even a calendar!

Design is usually done based on brand books. We have a wide range of possibilities for printing additional leaflets, brochures, inserts, questionnaires and other materials for cards with your logo, so that your loyalty kits look luxurious and presentable.

The technology can use such gift card material as full-color printing on various types of coated paper and design cardboards, stamping with metal foil, printing with golden paint or selective UV varnish.

PLAST PRINT has a successfully developed system that allows accurate assembly of all elements of such a loyalty kit, with the help of which we control the process and guarantee the absence of errors and inconsistencies in the product assembly process. You can trust the processing of confidential data for the card personalization of your products!

Our managers will help you plan your project and find the best solution with minimal marketing budgets, and the designers are ready to discuss your wishes for layouts and card materials.
Even standard packaging can be really fun!


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