Manufacturer of plastic cards and POS-materials

Manufacturer of plastic cards and POS-materials

Bonus Cards

Bonus cards are used as a way to attract and increase the loyalty of potential buyers and are very similar in functionality to discount cards.

The main difference is that the bonus card gives a discount on the next purchase, and the discount card – on the current one. Such an incentive system is more profitable for your business in that it encourages the customer to return to the store again, and your company does not spend anything at the time of the sale.

Because the client will constantly carry your bonus card with him, then it must be covered with a laminate, and its personalization must be durable and not subject to rapid abrasion. For these purposes, our company monitors the quality of products at all stages of production.

For personalization of cards, you can use the application of a barcode, QR code, magnetic stripe, embossing or indent printing. It is also possible to produce bonus cards with a contactless chip Mifare or EM-Marine.

Bonus or discount plastic cards will be even better perceived by the buyer if they are in attractive packaging. And with our customer loyalty management product EConnectID you can make communication with your client even more effective.

The bonus program can bring real profit to your company. Let us advise you!


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