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Plastic card producing company

About company


  "Plast Print" – company was founded in 2004. Currently we are one of the leading producers of nonfinancial plastic cards in Ukraine.

  Production facilities / Offset and digital print: Printing technologies in sheets and card by card. Production volume: 1 million cards per month. Range of orders for cards from 100 pieces to 1 million cards. Production and storage areas - 700 sq.m. Specialized equipment for production - 20 units. Riyobi, Plextor, Datacard, Matica, Eltron, Sysco etc.

Company mission

by producing plastic cards with high quality and low prices within the short term, to provide our customers the efficient tool for target and direct marketing to compete for their consumers successfully. We provide a possibility to supply from EU company in Slovakia as well as from Ukrainian company.

Our production


Types of cards intended
  • Discount cards
  • 3 TAG, key chains, mini cards
  • Local payment cards
  • Accumulating card
  • Bonus cards
  • Club cards
  • Gift cards
  • Promotional cards
  • Insurance cards
  • Plastic card-keys
  • Plastic id
  • Plastic pass
  • Plastic business card-keys, badges
  • Transport cards
  • Fuel cards
  • Prepaid scratch cards
  • Express card payment
  • Lottery card
  • Castom cards
Types of card tehcnology
  • Card without personalization
  • Cards with fixed-personalization
  • Cards with magnetic stripe
  • Chip smart card contact
  • Chip smart card contactless
  • Combined magnetic-chip cards


Production technology
  • Offset printing of laminated cards
  • Offset printing is lacquered cards
  • Digital printing of plastic cards
  • Silkstenci printing of plastic cards
  • Heatsublimation printing of plastic cards
  • Coating of plastic cards
  • UV printing formats A-3, A-4
Personalize cards
  • Text personalization and numbering
  • Bar coding
  • Embossing
  • Magnetic stripe encoding
  • The panel for the signature
  • Application of color image
  • Scratch panel
  • Plastic for cards
  • Laminate overlay


  • All cards
  • A shop
  • Discount
  • Companies


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Slovakia, 040 23 Kosice, Wurmova 1129/6.


for lokal calls in Slovakia

+42 190 538-36-97

for EU and international calls

+42 191 586-45-04

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