Plastic cards - the types and technologies

The popularity of plastic cards and breadth of their scope is not accidental. First of all, she explained ease of use, versatility and durability of plastic. As, in fact, the information carrier, plastic cards, can combine several functions. For example, to be both a means and an identity card for cashless payments. For such purposes, the cards are usually equipped with several degrees of protection against fraud – the bar code, the bar for a signature, embossing, magnetic stripe, microchip.

In addition to high-tech features plastic card can be a brilliant design decision. The combination of colors, lacquered or matte finish, metallic finish, hologram stamping. This gives unlimited choice of cards for use in promotional and marketing purposes. With their help brands realize the loyalty program, ensuring repeat sales and recommendations. For these purposes serve advertising, gift, club, discount cards, mini cards, etc.

Modern technologies allow to be applied to a variety of plastic images, including photographs with high resolution printing. It is used for the manufacture of plastic licenses, permits, badges. These cards have a high degree of protection against forgery and can only be used by their owners.

Travel cards and prepaid cards, fuel cards and express payment have become part of modern life, making it easy mechanism for payments between companies and customers, saving time and resources.

Depending on the application of plastic cards, circulation and usage patterns using various manufacturing techniques and the degree of personalization.

Plastic cards are printed in different ways. In most cases this is offset or digital printing, silk screen printing. In the manufacture of small runs can be used by the technology of sublimation.

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