Manufacture of plastic cards

Printing of plastic cards available in different ways depending on the requirements for a plastic card. Basically, the decision on the production technology is taken based on the circulation card, the requirements for personalization, appearance, and further conditions of use.

Digital printing method used for small print runs and allows you to create the product, high resolution images. Cards made by digital printing is covered with a protective layer laminate. The method of digital printing allows you to make a test copy of the card.

Offset production method used to print long runs, and carried out large-offset machines. With this method of production, the minimum size of plastic – A3. Before production printing plate is made, then the process is performed staining and lamination. The final step is the process of cutting cards.

Шелкотрафаретная печать используется, если особые требования предъявляются к дизайну пластиковой карты – сложный рисунок или покрытие.

Dye-sublimation printing products used for the rapid production of small runs of cards.
In addition, the printing of plastic cards provide several options for applying variable data – bar code, embossing, identification number, tiping, the presence of the signature, scratch-pad or a magnetic strip with a personal code.

For you to appreciate the quality and appearance of the finished product can be made free samples of your card layout.

Production of plastic cards in our company distinguishes profitable pricing policy, which is possible due to the direct purchase of supplies. Such contacts (without intermediaries) can not only reduce the cost of the finished product, but also to guarantee its quality.

Our production – is a complete cycle of production, from layout to printing of plastic cards. We offer a wide selection of designs to cards or develop a personalized layout to suit your requirements.

The company “Plast Print” seeks to cooperate with us has been beneficial both regular customers and new at the expense of optimal price and quality.